The iBwee Factor

The blog of Daniel Bird of BirdBrain media.

August 23, 2004

cAn yUO ReAd tHis?

Why do people write in random uncaps and caps? "sUcH aS tHiS"? It bugs me and it looks a lot like spam. That's my only thought for now, stay tuned.

August 01, 2004

Bye IE

Well I'm done with Internet Explorer and IE based browsers. I fould this page the other day, and after reading it and trying it, it acually works. All it takes to crash IE is >style<@;/*, that's all! So I swiched to Firefox and I'm not going back to IE. I might use IE for making webpages, because it's a little easier, but for browsing I not not going to use a browser that can be crashed by 11 charctures, that's easily hacked into, and that's made by Microcrap. Er, um, Microsoft.