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February 23, 2005


The iPod mini and iPod photo got updates and price drops. Check them out at the Apple store.

February 08, 2005

Blog Link Page

You may have noticed that it has been quiet here at the Bwee Facter and that is because I have been working on the Blog Link Page beta. Its a web page with links to the blogs of people I know and care for. It is still a beta version; I will add Xangas links later. If you have suggestions, comments, or want your blog added or removed email me at

O, yeah. This gets a Bwee^3
Making a web page of links to other web pages, Bwee!

February 04, 2005

Which ECC pastor are you?

You scored as Mark Darling. You are Mark Darling, pastor of "The Rock" and "The Urban Refuge."

Mark Darling


Bill Barnd


Jeff Groen


Mark Bowen


Which Evergreen pastor are you?
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