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May 31, 2005


So I had this big, long post written about it being one year since I started bloging, but then Firefox crashed... Well actually I didn't, but I think it sounds good.

It doesn't seem like it has been year, but it has. Hear are some things I've discovered in this last year:
Macintosh Computers
TI graphing calculaters

I would think of more, but it is time to go.
Thank you for reading Daniel Bird and the I-bwee Factor.

May 13, 2005

Xbox "360"

Dear Microsoft,
Seeing a picture of the Xbox 2 (or Xbox "360") has left me wondering.

Why is "360" the silver color of a Emachines, piece of junk, computer? I will need to see one in person but the pictures make it look less attractive then Xbox 1. I know you don't want it to look like you are coping the PS2 but isn't there a better color and maybe a better shape?

Xbox 360? 360 degrees of what? The living room, the house, the world, of what?

Lastly, I hear "360" uses three IBM 3.2 GHz processors. Which is good, but I hope this won't take away from Apple's 3.0 GHz Powermac. The Apple fanboys would not like that.

Like I said, "I will need to see one in person." These are just my first thoughts on it. The Xbox is one Microsoft product I have liked. It will be interesting to see where the Xbox "360" will go.


May 10, 2005

1 rabbit
+1 dog
+5 tadpoles
+1 cat
= All the animals in my house. Yeah, life's crazy.

Anywho, I have been playing Command & Conquer Red Alert. Here is a quick summary.
Albert Einstein builds a time machine to go back in time and kill Hitler to stop WWII from happening. With Hitler dead, Germany never rises to power, but the power hungry USSR, let by Stalin, attacks Europe to conquer it. You can play as the Allies, defending Europe from the Soviet invation, or as the Soviets, crushing Allied resistent. Ether way its a fun and frustrating RTS game.