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October 30, 2004

Now I'm usb compatible

Elixer has taken another technological leap. It now has usb card. Which means I can use my usb iMac keyboard, and I'm not limited to transfer files via floppy or burning a cd, yeah. Installing the card took some work, but after it was installed and I got the driver the card worked great.

October 24, 2004

I know what I said

I like it when things work, It's a nice feeling. I was at church, and I needed a Power Point file from one laptop to use on another laptop. I had forgot to bring a dongle (usb flash drive) and even if I had a floppy disk the foppy drive on one laptop was bad. I've been wanting to try to network them with infrared, so I thought I'd give it a try. After a little configuring of control panels they "saw" each other, and a few minutes later they where transfering files. They where both wintel machines, but it still worked great. So I like it when things go well, even though I didn't need the file in the end.

October 12, 2004

Are you talking to your computer?

Elixer now have voice recognition software. (Ha ha ha, Take that pc users.) It isn't perfect, it can take a times for it to get what your saying, but it's fun to talk to your computer and have it do stuff. With it I can lauch, switch, and close programs, shut down or sleep the computer, and it even tells jokes. Ok the jokes aren't that great, but it still is funny, hearing a joke from your computer.

October 07, 2004


In the last few months I've done a lot of OS upgrading. Something I like about older Macintoshes is that it is easy to get different operating systems because many of the older Mac OS's are free.

On Aurora I've upgraded (and downgraded) to these operating systems.
7.0._ > 7.5.3
7.5.3 > 7.5.5 (It corrupted the OS or something so I tried out OS 6)
_._._ > 6.0.5
6.0.5 > 6.0.8
6.0.8 > 7.0.1
7.0.1 > 7.5.3
7.5.3 > 7.5.5

And on Elixer:
9.0.4 > 9.1._

October 03, 2004

Bwee to the Max!

Last night some guys got together to watch the Star Wars Trilogy. We watched it via projector, on a hugh screen, with Dolby suround sound, and with lots of snacks. It was a long, but very fun night and now I can say I seen episodes IV, V, and VI in the same night.