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April 27, 2006


Mmmmmmm updates... I finally added my blogroll to my blog. And only a year after everone else did. I love keeping up with the times. Now to weed through my blogs to out the dead ones.

April 09, 2006

/dopi update/

04/09/2006 - 2015
/operation dopi/

I make contact with my supplier. In exchange for of a fair amount of cash, I received a small black box. Inside of the box's shrink wrapped outside, was an iPod. The uber portable music player. I will elaborate in more detail later. For now I will leave you with the tech specs of this iPod.

/more information will be posted... including surveillance photos/

April 05, 2006

/Operation dopi/

4/5/06 - 0850

/Operation dopi/

Recently my supplier received several iPods from the black market of the internet. He got these "iPods" for a very good price and wanted to pass the savings to his clients. As one of his clients, I was very interested. After the funds were secured and the needed approval was granted I contacted my supplier and reserved one of these "iPods" for myself. I will keep you, my readers, informed of the progression of this operation.

/More information will be posted as it is received.../

April 04, 2006



Funds have been secured.

Approval has been granted.

Supplier has the goods.

Operation dopi is a go!

/More information to follow.../