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February 27, 2006


Today I had to go back to school to work on homework, so I brought my headphones to listen to music. I thought I'd find something on the interent to listen to and I did, but its not music. Its Podcasts. Using iTunes, I browsed around for Podcasts and listened to some. Its like a blog, but with audio instead of words. I think that it is cool that nearly anyone can make their own 'radio' show and I say, "send the power to create and listen to Podcasts to the people".

PP - To Microsoft or anyone trying to change the name of Podcasts, you lost and iPod won the name. The word 'blog' isn't going anywhere and I don't think 'Podcast' will be going either.

February 10, 2006

Golden Rule of Algebra

The following was seen on a sign, laying on a table, in a class room at Normandale Community College:
The Golden Rule of Algebra:
Do onto one side of an equation as you do onto the other.

I don't know what was worse, that someone thought of that in the first place or that I laughed because it was a math joke.


February 07, 2006

iPod Nano

Apple added a 1GB iPod Nano to their lineup today. With it costing only $149 ($129 educational) I am really tempting to buy one. They also dropped the price of the shuffle, but I don't think that a shuffle is what I need. Check it out at