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July 13, 2006

Quarters for Muse and Ho Ting

Quarters for Muse
I bought the new Muse album, Black Holes and Revelations from the new Eagan Best Buy. We were going to Eagan anyways, but it was also nice to see Admiral Johnson. The best part was that I paid for the CD with $10.64 in quarters, nickels, and dimes. Hey, I needed to use them sometime.

Ho Ting
Jake, Anna, and I went out for lunch at the Ho Ting. Best. Chinese food. Ever. My favorite food there was the Steak'ems, pieces of meat and veggies in a gravy. Even the veggies (e.g. green peppers) in the Steak'ems tasted great. And we got to see Ben and Aaron.

That was my day,

July 04, 2006

Active Desktop

Often when my parent's computer crashes (It's running Windows ME which accounts for most of them.) it replaces the desktop picture, of my brother Matthew standing by a canon, with a warning that says: "Your computer crashed, Active desktop (Which shows the desktop picture.) has been turned off, incase it was the cause of the problem."

I have two thoughts on that:

1) Why is a picture being displayed by Active desktop? Active Desktop is used to display web pages as a background, so why is it used to display a JPG file?

2) If Active Desktop is unstable enough that it is often automatically disabled when Windows crashes, was it ready to be part of a shipping OS?