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June 30, 2005

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I haven't blog for long time. It's because I've been busy. Busy working at Byerly's and working on my websites. My websites you can see here. You might see me working if you stop in at the Bloomington Byerly's. Though, unless you know I'm there don't stop to see me, I'm not working that much.

June 08, 2005

I-bwee (Intel Macs)

When I first heard that Apple is switching to Intel I felt betrayed, but now I have different spin.
Look at the current top Ghz speed of the G4, G5, and Pentium 4 as I know.

G4 = 1.67 Ghz
G5 = 2.7 Ghz
P4 = 3.8 Ghz

The P4 has over twice the top clock speed of the G4. Yes, Ghz isn't everything and Apple speeds their machines with Velocity Engines, but that's not good enough for a company that wants to be an industry leader. So by switching to Intel Apple should be able to make faster, better Macs.
Also, I wonder if they can make Velocity Engines for the new Intel Macs. If Apple could get Intel Macs with Velocity Engines, high Ghz processors, and optimized programs the Intel Mac will rock the PC world.

(For an interesting take read this.)